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Suitable Eyeglasses

At Coconut Creek Optical, we fit and sell contact lenses, eyeglasses frames, sunglasses, sports lenses, and wraparound glasses. Browse our list below to learn more about what types of lens is right for you!

Coconut Creek Optical
Coconut Creek Optical

Eyeglass Lenses


There are different grades of anti-reflective lenses that can reduce glare and protect against smudges, scratches, and much more. We offer lenses from Crizal, one of the most reliable anti-reflective lenses on the market. Visit www.crizal.com for more information.

High Index Lenses

These lenses are thin and light while still providing clear, crisp vision.

Transition Lenses

Step from indoors to outdoors without having to switch your glasses, as the lenses themselves adjust from light to dark conditions. Six different variants are available.

Office/Computer Lenses

These lenses are ideal for both computer and close work while still being able to move about in a small office environment.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses, also known as “multifocal lenses,” offer a more natural correction to presbyopia and accommodation disorders.

Polycarbonate Lenses

These strong, thin lenses are light and favored by many individuals involved in sports activities.


These lenses are ten times stronger than polycarbonate lenses!

Anti-fatigue Lenses

Anti-fatigue—for the young professional needing a little help for a close vision yet not ready for the move to progressive lenses.


Polarized lenses enhance UV protection while eliminating glare—a must-have for water sports and South Florida living.

Digital (a.k.a. Hi-Definition) Lenses

Digital lenses greatly reduce distortion made for you and your personal vision needs.

We also carry the single standard vision, bifocal and trifocal lenses, allowing us to fill your optical needs with the technology within your budget.

Coconut Creek Optical

Contact Lenses

Hydrogel Lenses: These contact lenses offer 700% more breathability than regular lenses.

One-Day Lenses: You don’t need a solution to wear these. Just throw them away after one use!